VIS Appraiser


VIS Appraiser

A professional and unique tool for pricing and evaluation.

The VIS Appraiser combines the Trafi database, a range of models and equipment database, along with data needed for pricing. By applying the settings, it’s possible to maintain target price levels and to guide and plan the level of purchases, sales and stock. The analyses are saved within the programme database and transferred to the sales system. Every phase of this process will be saved and processed in our other tools.

Strategic ‘inside information’ for professional use

The price recommendations given by VIS Appraiser are based on the huge amount of data collected from the markets and our unique statistical price.

We collect strategic information from various sources and from 1988 of realised annual car deals. We also analyse the differences between each local region and how they do business.

Our team of seven top analysts are responsible for all this.