Car dealers

Car dealers

Since 1988, Autovista has collected and analysed the pricing data of cars in unique ways.

We collect 320,000 trade purchases and retail sales data annually, including trade-in values, retail asking and transacted prices, stock days and sales evaluation.

This huge mass of data is also based on data collected from car portals. We analyse the retail valuation of different marques (resale value) and then prepare statistical forecasts. In compiling these forecasts, we also take into account the current market and economic situation along with test reports from car magazines.

We analyse car deals both nationally and regionally. We then refine our recommendations using statistical modelling, along with other methods that we’ve developed.  We take mileage, region and several other influencing factors into consideration.

Our editorial team has no fewer than seven top analysts from the world of car sales statistics.


Car valuations and pricing

A unique and professional method that will help develop successful sales people and business.

Marketing and used car stock management

Minimise routine work time and make everyday work easier (Marketing Man is the perfect tool for this)

Dealership management

Years ago when we set out to develop new tools for car sales professionals, we knew we has two aces up our sleeve: 

1. That we knew the Finnish car sales business challenges inside out personally.

2. That no one could make these tools better than we could.

We did a good job and it was a perfect success!

Dealer Management System

We operate as a sales and training organisation for our sister company Alkali Oy’s products, our which the WebSales car sales system is the most significant.

WebSales, differs from traditional sales systems in every possible way.  Firstly, it has been designed by top car sales professionals, not software designers.  Thus it’s a system that eases and boosts the car sales market, not vice versa.

Secondly, it’s designed with all of the most up to date sales tools rather than old antiquated ones. So it’s a real sales partner whose expertise can always be trusted.

It is trusted by many salespeople who have already switched to enjoy its benefits. Arrange a WebSales demonstration and you’ll see why what seemed impossible before is now reality.

Dealership websites

We operate as the sales and training organisation for the website administered by our sister company Alkali Oy.  We have a long experience of design, sales, project coding and development work for the most well-known car sales websites in Finland.

We use modern technology and our expertise is widely recognised.